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About HalalDish24

Halal Dish 24 LLC doing business as is an online food ordering service which brings restaurants from your neighborhood to your figure tips. Finding authentic halal food was very difficult when using online food ordering services especially for travelers and some city dwellers. We simply wanted to make it easier for all those who prefer halal food without getting something otherwise.

Our online and mobile ordering services will allow you to place your order to the restaurants who offer halal food. From our site, you will enjoy a halal dish whether it is delivery or pick up. These orders can be placed anytime around the clock. You can schedule a future delivery anywhere in our service area around the world. Your family and friends can place the order for you as long you are Living in our service areas.

We have verified all those restaurants and their eligibility to participate on our platform. Here is our Halal Food verification process that developed by our halal certification team. Our team keep the term certificate up-to-date for your relief.

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